Agnieszka Żurek Finanse


For the last 20 years I have worked in the finance sector of the financial services industry in areas including leasing, factoring, debt collection and management and corporate financial management.

My professional experience started with a specialist position as a credit analyst and developed through to management and board membership in international corporations. I have participated in international finance and management projects and I have a strong track record as a strategist, manager and financier.

I am also very interested in financial engineering and digitisation. As is the case everywhere, new technological innovations are changing the financial services industry and allowing us to create new business models. Optimal financial solutions and sources of short- and long-term financing are the basis of each company's business.

As a business practitioner, I work with companies to conduct training in finance, financial products and business management.


  1. I value building long-term relationships with clients based on trust and understanding.

  2. I love working with new and different people to create new products, services and values.

  3. I always fulfil my obligations and ‘go the extra mile’.

  4. I have a wide professional network whose expert knowledge and advice can be used when required.

  5. The highest quality of service and professionalism is the basis for everything I do - "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” (Gucci family motto)

  6. My work is my passion.


ITM POLSKA 5.06-8.06.2018.

Each year between 5-8.06.2018 take place in Poznan ITM fairs (innovation, technology, machines). It was complex exhibitions about the moderns technology from Poland and from abroad and also the next step to presentation from 10.04.2018 I Warsaw (industry 4.0 and 3D printing). ITM collected information about the newest solutions in industry, which allowed to improve productions processes. Participation in this event is a must for each finance institution, which finance new technology in industry, to evaluate the risk and to understand the customer’s needs.

FIT EXPO 25-27.05.2018

25-27.05.2018 took place in Poznań the fitness fair. This event collected producers and distributors of sport equipment’s, fitness club’s equipment’s, sport cloths, food supplements.

I wanted to recommend the products made by LIVING FOOD Sp. z o.o. from Trzciel (, probiotics made for sportsman and sport active people, series Joy Day Sport.