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ITM POLSKA 5.06-8.06.2018.

Each year between 5-8.06.2018 take place in Poznan ITM fairs (innovation, technology, machines). It was complex exhibitions about the moderns technology from Poland and from abroad and also the next step to presentation from 10.04.2018 I Warsaw (industry 4.0 and 3D printing). ITM collected information about the newest solutions in industry, which allowed to improve productions processes. Participation in this event is a must for each finance institution, which finance new technology in industry, to evaluate the risk and to understand the customer’s needs.

FIT EXPO 25-27.05.2018

25-27.05.2018 took place in Poznań the fitness fair. This event collected producers and distributors of sport equipment’s, fitness club’s equipment’s, sport cloths, food supplements.

I wanted to recommend the products made by LIVING FOOD Sp. z o.o. from Trzciel (, probiotics made for sportsman and sport active people, series Joy Day Sport.

POLAGRA FOOD 8.05-10.05.2018.

In Poznań took place the Interational Food Fair. The highest quality products were presented. The guarantee for the consumer expectation are modern factories and well qualified staff. Food will still has got big part in our consumer good, we spend money for. In polish export structure the food share is still rising.

Industry 4.0. – 10.04.2018.

For the third time took place  in Warsaw conference “ Industry 4.0.” In this even took part engineers and board management of polish industrial factories. The primary topic of this conference was “industry 4.0.” and new business models, which allowed to achieve better quality and lower cost. The innovation is seen only like a tool, which help  to achieve the main goal – profit generation. Factory 4.0 nowadays has to dispose of digital and integrated processes and new business models. The block chain technology can be used in cyber securities in industry. 3D printing is an icon of the modern technology. AI, collecting and analysing the data will influence the processes and change management in companies.

SALMED 15-17.03.2018.

SALMED Fairs is the answer to the challenges and needs of modern healthcare. Investments needs in this area in Poland are huge. Poland is among the world’s leading importers of medical equipment and also we are observing a growing number of exported goods. The quality of polish products and innovations implemented by Polish producers cause the goods to be more competitive.

MEBLE POLSKA 6-9.03.2018.

The biggest buissnes and furtniture event in East and Middle Europa took currently in Poznan place. The international fairs: Meble Polska, Home Decor and arena Design was visited by 25 tsd. proffesionalists from app. 50 countries. Appart of Germany (where the polish furniture goods producers deliver intensively) were Czech  Republic and Lituanien most interested in.

All biggest polish producers and exporters exhibit at this fairs. MEBLE POLSKA ist the biggest and the most complex polish furniture offer in the world.

To ensure the quality of produce goods are the investments in modern  machinery necessary. New customers are expecting fexibility and longer due dates. If You need short or long financing to increase Your sale do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare You the unique solution adjusted to Your needs.

BUDMA 31.01-02.02.2018

30.01.-02.02.2018 took in Poznań BUDMA fairs place. This event is very famous since years between architects, investors, designers, contractors. This event must be associated with innovation, technical developments and is accompanied by numerous experts talks. During this fairs was also INTERMASZ and the presentation of the modests building machines,which speed up the building works and assure comfort of work and securities as well. All inwestors, who are looking for financing are kindly ask for contact.

06.12.2017 - IBB Andersia Hotel - Social Networking

On the 06th of December 2017 took place the Christmas Meeting in Poznań. It was organised by German- Polish Association together with Lewiatan, DWK and Wielkopolskim Klubem Kapitału, Lożą Wielkopolskiej BCC, Wielkopolską Izbą Przemysłowo-Handlową, Polską Izbą Gospodarczą Importerów, Eksporterów i Kooperacji, Pracodawców RP –Wielkopolska, Wielkopolską Izbą Rzemieślniczą. The was very good time to summ up the year 2017 and to establish new partnerships.

PARP 30.11.2017

On 30th November 2017 took place in Warsaw a workshop how to leverage additional financial recources for business activity from EU (Instruments for SME). This workshop was dedicated for entities who would like to apply for EU funding, consulting companies and financial institutions. PARP offer for 2014-2020 from  EU foundings following programms:

2.3.2 POIR Bons for innovations for SME

2.3.1 POIR Proinnovation services for SME

2.3.4 POIR Protection industrial property

3.2.1 Research for market