Agnieszka Żurek Finanse


29.04.2018 I Marcelin Run

For the first time we were invited to the competitions Spring Marcelin Run, which you for sure know well from Autumn and Winter Marcelin Run. This time a pace was 5km, 10km or 15 km in forest on natural surface. Aim of this event was:

  • Popularization of running and walking as the simplest form of movement and a part of healthy life style
  • The possibility to check strength and capabilities in sport competition
  • Acquainted with advantages of Marcelin Forest

We are very proud of ourselves because we improved the times from the beginning of this month.

08.04.2018 Economic Five

For the eight time took place in Poznan a run Hendi Economic Five. Hundreds of runners got involved in this run. 5km pace was over the Malta Lake. Me as a graduate of Economic University was obliged to take part, together with my studies college Karolina. Currently we are preparing for the next running, to improve our results…